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40-45 Days
  •  Before Hajj and after Hajj 12 Days stay at Azizia hotel Zoharatulkaram Distance Haram 5km. 5 to 6 sharing room.
  •  5 days Hajj Arkan with Guidance.
  •  Moulim No. 107 new Mina jamrat 4km Makkah.
  •  Near Haram Hotel 15 days 4 to 5 sharing 500 to 700 mtr room.
  •  Madinah near haram hotel 9 days 400 to 500 mtr. 4 to 5 sharing room.
  •  Buffet system breakfast, lunch and dinner by Catring Company.
  •  Economy class air ticket via any flight.
  •  30kg weight 7kg hand bag 5 liter ZAM ZAM.
  •  Ziyarat Makkah Madinah with guide by AC buses along with Umarah.
  •  Complimentary 2 luggage bag 1 small bag MUSALLAH, Ahram belt, Kankari bag Hajj ZAM ZAM 5 liter.


Terms & Condition

  It is hereby agreed by and between the parties that the party of the first part of the following services to the party of the second part.

 Hajj tour and all the services will be based on written only agreements only and no oral agreements will be the entertained. All the restrictions/conditions of both the government India and Saudi related to Immigration, traveling and handling of goods, personal activity, Foreign exchange, Qurbani medical death etc. will be the compulsory for the pilgrims. Otherwise pilgrims shall be personally responsible for the consequences there of and no refund shall be paid by organizer. Do not carry valuable jewelery items.

 To provide air tickets from Mumbai/Delhi to Jeddah and Jeddah to Mumbai/Delhi by any Via airlines. Only with allowable weight, luggage, items and goods mentioned in the airline tickets and permitted by Saudi Government.

 To provide required Moallim drafts only with allowable luggage size and weight by the general Car syndicate, Bus and pilgrimage tents are arranged & share by the moallim only.

 To provide accommodations in Makkah & Madinah air condition room with lift facility. All ladies & gents will be accommodate separately. But separate rooms are 4-5-6 beds available in Makkah (Accomodation near Haram) & Madinah at responsible extra cost. To provide accommodation in Makkah (Air Condition room with lift facility ) Before and after Hajj approximately 12 days Aziziyah, Shisha , Share Sitteen or Jabal Al Noor. To provide medium chilly food (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner with 2 time tea) in respect of declared food program during traveling, Local Ziyarat, stay in Makkah, Madinah and Mashaaer Muqadasa except airport & Dinner in Muzdalifa Lunch on 9 Zilahajjah in Arafat is served as usually as by the Moallim. and limited Drinking Zam Zam at the accommodations in Makkah arrange by the Zam Zam United service Agent only.

 Party of the first part will not provide or responsible for the following points to the party of the Second part.

 Ehraam cloth with/without Belt, 2) Qurbaani or Dam (if any) expenses , 3) coolie charges, 4) Bus and all related fare of Twafe Ziyarah ,5) Excess Luggage and custom charges throughout journey,6) Nafil Umrah, Halaq and exp., medical service through Indian hajj mission, Saudi health center and hospital only, 7) all expected Losses Damages, Delay / change Missed connection though out the.

 Journey due to your own mistake, strike , War, cyclone, Natural climates and all other out of control situations.

 Unexpected change or delay of food, tent, Bus arrangement and stay in Mina due to the moallim, fire bragged, Municipality or any other Saudi department troubles/ obstacles.

 Party of the second part will fully responsible in all case for their entire luggage, valuable items, all the related medical & address cards and strictly follow the time schedule in each stage of travel.

 The cost of tour is proposed on recent Air ticket fare, Foreign exchange, and recent moallim fee if any increase or addition of taxes will have to pay by party of the second part the increased amount minimum three days before departure.

 In any case no females/ Miss will allowed to travel, shopping, pray and doing arakaans as well as stay in residence alone or separate other than her mehram or female group.

 Valid Indian passport with attending all hajj orientation program organized by us or other should be submitted for visa stamping before 5 shawwal, certificate of inoculation quadrivalent meningitis (A+C+Y+W+135) vaccine against meningitis fever, certificate of immunization for oral polio vaccine against poliomyelitis, attendance and any other certificate required by Saudi government should be submitted 20 days before the departure also.